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Post  DJ Galax on Fri Mar 21, 2008 8:59 am

Discuss about Mario Kart DS here, or show your friend code.

My friend code: 3136-2637-6987

Inform me if you want to play online.
DJ Galax
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Post  Onyx on Fri Mar 21, 2008 9:31 pm

Ok, here’s the deal. After not playing Mario Kart DS for months, I picked it up and realized I have some Pretty fast Time Trials on here. I figured it be kind of neat to have a little record sheet on this site, so here it is. Remember post your time only if it is a Time Trial! Also Just copy and paste the race, time, and name into your reply, then post that. I’ll then copy that and update the list as often as possible, by editing this post.
By doing this we won’t have 400 pages of this giant list. Also put a * beside your name for every giant star you have when you go to your Records list. (You can get a max of 3)
If you are a record holder and have a favorite Driver, car and track, post that and I’ll add it to the Bottom of the list.

(Sorry DJ Galax for Hijacking your thread but I can't go online so.. yea.)

Mushroom Cup
Figure 8 Circuit ---1:33:614---Onyx**
Yoshi Falls ---1:06:236---Nero
Cheep Cheep Beach ---1:43:011---Onyx**
Luigi's Mansion ---1:58:675---Onyx**

Flower Cup
Desert Hills ---_:__:___---
Delfino Square ---1:58:826---Onyx**
Waluigi Pinball ---2:33:176---Onyx**
Shroom Ridge ---_:__:___---

Star Cup
DK Pass ---_:__:___---
Tick-Tock Clock ---1:54:608---Onyx**
Mario Circuit ---_:__:___---
Airship Fortress ---2:11:094---Onyx**

Special Cup
Wario Stadium ---2:14:744---Onyx**
Peach Gardens ---1:52:445---Onyx**
Bowser Castle ---2:18:751---Onyx**
Rainbow Road ---2:26:340---Onyx**

Shell Cup
Mario Circuit 1 ---0:52:459---Onyx**
Moo Moo Farm ---_:__:___---
Peach Circuit ---_:__:___---
Luigi Circuit ---1:28:047---Onyx**

Banana Cup
Donut Plains 1 ---1:13:003---Onyx**
Frappe Snowland ---_:__:___---
Bowser’s Castle 2 ---1:52:896---Onyx**
Baby Park ---0:51:030---Onyx**

Leaf Cup
Koopa Beach 2 ---_:__:___---
Choco Mountain ---_:__:___---
Luigi Circuit ---_:__:___---
Mushroom Bridge ---1:30:395---Onyx**

Lightning Cup
Choco Island 2 ---1:07:016---Onyx**
Banshee Boardwalk ---2:13:903---Onyx**
Sky Garden ---_:__:___---
Yoshi Circuit ---_:__:___---

Onyx:Mario:Standard RB:Tick-Tock Clock
Nero:Luigi:Standard RB:Waluigi Pinball

[I'll put this into a more organized HTML table later, but for now you'l have to deal with it :O

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Mario Kart DS Empty Re: Mario Kart DS

Post  Giga on Fri Mar 28, 2008 8:46 pm

Mushroom Cup
Figure 8 Circuit1:33:614Onyx
Yoshi Falls1:06:236Nero
Cheep Cheep Beach1:43:011Onyx
Luigi's Mansion1:58:675Onyx
Flower Cup
Desert Hills_:__:___ 
Delfino Square1:58:826Onyx
Waluigi Pinball2:33:176Onyx
Shroom Ridge_:__:___ 
Star Cup
DK Pass_:__:___ 
Tick-Tock Clock1:54:608Onyx
Mario Circuit_:__:___ 
Airship Fortress2:11:094Onyx
Special Cup
Wario Stadium2:14:744Onyx
Peach Gardens1:52:445Onyx
Bowser Castle2:18:751Onyx
Rainbow Road2:26:340Onyx
Shell Cup
Mario Circuit 10:52:459Onyx
Moo Moo Farm_:__:___ 
Peach Circuit_:__:___ 
Luigi Circuit1:28:047Onyx
Banana Cup
Donut Plains 11:13:003Onyx
Frappe Snowland_:__:___ 
Bowser’s Castle 21:52:896Onyx
Baby Park0:51:030Onyx
Leaf Cup
Koopa Beach 2_:__:___ 
Choco Mountain_:__:___ 
Luigi Circuit_:__:___ 
Mushroom Bridge1:30:395Onyx
Lightning Cup
Choco Island 21:07:016Onyx
Banshee Boardwalk2:13:903Onyx.
Sky Garden_:__:___ 
Yoshi Circuit_:__:___. 

RacerCharacterFavourite KartFavourite Track
OnyxMarioStandard RBTick-Tock Clock
NeroLuigiStandard RBWaluigi Pinball


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