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Free Music Downloadation, lol Empty Free Music Downloadation, lol

Post  Onyx on Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:20 pm

Hey everyone. I just found a sweet way to download music that cost money, for Free!

This is basically only for people that have a crap internet connection (like myself, 45.4kbps w00t)

Ok, You need to go to

From there type in the name of the song you would like to download.
Once you find your song, and confirm it's the one you want by previewing it, click on the (Visit The Site) link.

This will bring you to the original website, but we don't care about that right now.

Look near the top of the screen. There should be a long-ass link written in green writing.
Copy this link, and paste it into your address bar.

Hit Enter. Now depending on your Comp, a couple of things may happen.

1) A small window pops up and asks you to Either Open or Save. Make sure you Click open! Saving usually results in downloading only a second or two from the song. When you open it, you get the whole song opened up in windows Media Player.

When this happens, and the song is all ready and playing, right click anywhere in media player, and click "Save As" From there it is relatively self explanetory Smile

2) Your Comp may launch the song in Quick Time. This is actually my preffered method, as it works better, and is easier to save.
Once the song has played (or you stop playing it by hitting stop), click on the File Tab in your Internet window.

Now click "Save Page As". Since this particular webpage has no data on it, except the song file, it downloads the song to whereever we want. How cool is that?


Well there you go. A way to get normally costly music, for free, anytime you want.

Have Fun Wink

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