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Post  Onyx on Sun Mar 30, 2008 12:30 am

So I uploaded this yesterday or something... and I decided to write a little about it.

First things first: I'll list all know glitches, as all SMB3 ROMs are very unstable. Anyone that has ever hacked SMB3 can tell you that.

World 1:
- DO NOT GO IN THE PIPE! It used to be a level, but then it got all glitchy like, so yea. Usually results in a Crash.

World 2:
- Level 2 Glitched a ridiculous amount of times, so I just removed it from the game.
- Locked Door (above the pipe) cannot be unlocked. I'm not sure the reason for this, but it should unlock after you beat the level that is originally used in world 8 (the level that grabs you down with the hand). You're not missing much in there anyways. It's just a 1-Up fest.

World 3: I think the last castle glitches, and if it's not that one, then it's the one before that.

Other notes:
-The game is in Debug mode. Pressing up or down at the title screen, and then start will take you to a different world depending on it's Yposition.
-You can also set the # of starting lives with @ the title screen by pressing right and left (i think)
-You start with a gabillion powerups, all different types.
-It only goes to World 3
- Holding Jump (A) and pressing Select will give you a Kuribo's shoe, which usually looks really glitchy, but causes no negative effects... unless your swimming. then you sink like a rock Razz
- Pressing select will cycle you through every powerup in the game. Useful if you're on a really annoying level.
-Some Levels are Hardly edited due to the general unstableness of SMB3. If you notice level 1-4, after the water part is almost exactly like hte original 1-2.

I thinkthat's about it. If you play it, and see anything wrong with it, and or like it, then comment away Razz

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