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Post  Onyx on Sat Nov 10, 2007 11:46 am

There are few to no rules here... and we like to keep our members free from petty constraints.

Now there are a few rules but really they are just there to keep people from destroying the site, or making someone go all Emo/Suicidal because some Jerk began flaming.

Ok. Shall we begin?

1] No Flaming or Trolling - Let's Keep it clean here.. We don't need a big Virtual Fight... It's spammy, and quite frankly no one want to read it.
Flaming is "an online argument that becomes nasty or derisive, where insulting a party to the discussion takes precedence over the objective merits of one side or another". Basically, getting into a mudslinging argument. Trolling is where a user tries to coax other users into flaming.
Flaming will get you suspended, constant flaming and/or trolling will most likely get you banned

2] No Re-Registering - If you get banned DO NOT make another Profile. I will Perma-Ban you for doing this.

3] Don't Bump Month old Topics - There's no need for it really... If a topic is old.. just make a new one. If no one has posted for a month it's obvious no one cares about that particular thing. If it's reaaaaally important you might get away with it though.

4] Keep Avatars/Pictures/Videos to a Minimum - It's inconvinient for other users when they have to load 30 of your pictures, just to go to thier favorite thread. However, there are exceptions: If it's a thread meant to show off pictures, such as threads in the Project Plaza, you may post as many screens/videos as you like. And as for the Avatars... Keep them Reasonably small.. nothing over 200x200 please... Doing so will result in the removal of your avatar.

5] Keep your Threads to a Minimum - We don't want people to have 5 new threads in each forum area. It just clutters the place up. If you recently made a thread, and need another in the same area, just reuse that thread! Get the title Changed so people know it's a "New" thread and you'll do just fine Wink

6] Keep the Swearing Down - Right now you can swear as much as you want! I don't care! Just keep the swearing to a minimum. Swearing 8 times per sentence just makes you look like an idiot... If you do keep it up however... well... I've been wanting to test out the Censoring Module... Twisted Evil

7] No Radical Content - Meaning: No Pornographic Material, no Racial Slurs, no pictures of people's lower intestines oozing all over the floor... Doing things like this will result in a suspension...

8] No HTML/BBCode Abuse - There are safeguards here in place just for this cause, and using it will result in a Suspension and/or Ban depending on the severity. Screwing around with the site is something you could get banned for... Changing the Background... probably a warning...

9] No Spam Dice Rolling - As you may notice there is a Dice rolling function you can use which will roll a randomized number based on which dice you select. Rolling a dice several Times outside of the RPG Forum is not allowed... simply because it takes Bandwidth to load, and no one wants to load 50 rolls of your Dice. If you fail to comply to this rule, your post will be deleted, and if you persist to do this, you may be suspended/banned. This is the same sort of thing as the4th Rule...

3 Strike Rule - Yes, this is the way people get banned around here. If a Mod catches you doing something [minor] you aren't supposed to, then you will get a warning, and a strike. Once you get 3 strikes you will be banned for a certain amount of time.

Final Words:
These Rules are in place for obvious reasons. I want this place to be a fun posting expeariance, but to do so, we need to weed out the idiots. If you see an Unruly Post, or someone is doing something bad, either report the person, or PM an Mod, Admin, or Me, and they will be dealt with as soon as possible.


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