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Post  Jessica Soire on Wed Aug 13, 2008 4:23 am

"I'm sorry." A phrase I had heard so many times through out my life.

"I'm sorry I just pushed you down the stairs,"

"I'm sorry I just broke down your door"

"I'm sorry I tried to strangle you"

"It's okay" I chanted back robotically, whiping a tear from my cheek. I waited for the automated response of it's not okay or i'll never hurt you again, bull like that, I'd heard it a million times before, but it never came. I looked up and noticed he held the same gaze I held, as if he was looking for something from me. I'd already said my part, didn't he know how this little skit worked?

"What?..." I finally blurted out.

"Maddie, I mean it! I'm sorry! So sorry!" His gaze was straight into my eyes, making me feel awkward. What did he want from me? I already said it was fine. What else did he want? So what... I just cried my eyes out because he twisted my arm and had slightly raised his voice. He bent down to meet me on the rec room floor where i had collapsed and gently kissed my forehead. "I'm so sorry, I never want you to be afraid of me, I love you."

"I love you too," I said more tears squeezing out of my eyes, and for those few moments, in his arms I felt completely safe.

So I know it doesn't actually have an ending, but thats all I got... Hope its not tooo cheesy!
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Post  Onyx on Sun Aug 24, 2008 9:42 pm

HA! Cheesy!?! It's about as chessy as a cheeseless grilled cheese sandwhich, which in fact isn't very cheesy at all. >_>

Keep at it! I wanna read the ending!

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