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Post  Pester on Sat May 17, 2008 10:08 pm

(Copy/pasted from SMWCentral)

This is a simple maze game I'm making. I can't find the first maze game as my CPU crashed. I know the graphics are bad, but I made them in MSPaint and I suck at using it. </excuse> So please don't make a post only to say how the graphics are mediocre. Also, this is a free standing game (a.k.a This isn't using anything as a base).

The goal is to get to the goal square. Unfortunately, enemies, switches, and other obstacles block your way. I will try to sum up the game in as few screens as possible. Also, not everything in the game is summarized in the following screens. Captions are below the relative screen.

Get to the black goal box to progress to the next level. The trigger blows up all breakable walls that are next to a bomb.

Red spiked balls move horizontally, and black spiked balls move vertically. They both make you restart the level when hit. Whenever you get hurt by an enemy or restart the level by pressing "R", you lose a point. You start out with 500 points, and they go in to negatives if you suck hard enough at video games. Also, you can see that the goal is blocked by a steel door. You have to collect every key to unlock the door.

The brown boxes with arrows on them are push blocks. They can be pushed into holes, making new pathways for the character.

Make it to the goal square before you get crushed by the moving spike ceiling.

Complete Version

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