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Post  Onyx on Fri Apr 25, 2008 11:00 pm

I thought this would be fun to try Very Happy
Werewolf is a party game modeling a battle between an informed minority and an uninformed majority. Players are secretly assigned roles: either "werewolf", who know each other; or "innocents", who know only the number of werewolf amongst them. During the night phase of the game, the Werewolf choose an innocent to kill. During the day phase, all players debate the identities of the Werewolf and vote to kill someone whom the majority suspect. Players are eliminated until only innocents or werewolf remain; the surviving side wins. Werewolf is rarely played in groups of fewer than five, and must always start with more innocents than werewolf.

Roles are assigned by a method which is both confidential and verifiable, often by dealing cards; a red or black card signifies the role as either:

Werewolf (alternatively, Scum, Werewolves, Worshippers, or Thieves)
Innocents (alternatively, Citizens, Villagers, Townspeople, Townsfolk or Civilians).

Generally, game play also requires a Narrator (alternatively, God, Dealer, Don, Host, Moderator, Proctor, or Storyteller), a person not playing, but moderating the game. The Narrator knows the roles of each player and effectively narrates game play.

The Werewolf may have a chance to kill off one of the Innocents by show of hands. (On the first night, the Werewolf may "kill" the Narrator so that every Innocent gets a chance to participate in at least one execution decision. The Narrator then says in the Morning that he was killed and game play continues as usual.)

Optionally, Werewolf members must secretly communicate during the daytime and then unanimously agree to kill someone during the nighttime without opening their eyes to communicate (such as by having the narrator call out the names of each player, with Werewolf players raising a hand to signify a kill).

In large groups, each Werewolf member can kill one person per night.
In large groups, a Master Werewolf member (Master Werewolf) has the ability to induct innocents into the Werewolf (or infect villagers into werewolves).
Other variant characters may have turns to open their eyes to do "business" during the night (before or after the Werewolf).

The Narrator tells everyone to wake up and announces the Werewolf's victim. Usually this involves the Narrator telling a story about the murder scene that the remaining players wake up to, and/or a story of how the victim was killed. For example, "The police chief said, 'Bob was cut open seven times, stabbed three times in the neck, and drowned in the river. This is the worst case of suicide I've ever seen.'" This player is "dead" and may no longer participate in the game in any way, and is thus permitted to keep their eyes open at night.

Depending on the variant, The Narrator may reveal the identity of dead players, dead players may reveal themselves by flipping their cards face up (most common version), or the alignment of the dead may remain hidden. Typically, prematurely revealing one's identity by flipping one's card face up while still alive is considered suicide; in single-execution-per-day variants, this may count as the execution for that day.
During the daytime phase, the players deliberate over which suspected Werewolf member they wish to nominate for execution. The Innocents want to execute a Werewolf member but all players are allowed to vote. Generally, The Narrator will administer the election, the nominee may be given a chance to defend themselves and a majority is required for the execution to be carried out, although voting variants abound. The same rules apply to players who are executed by the Innocents as to players killed by the Werewolf. In some variants, multiple players may be killed during the same day. Usually, each player must vote, can only vote once and cannot vote for themselves.

Phase Duration
Daytime and nighttime can move quickly in live play, as daily executions and nightly decisions are communicated in real time. Daytime phases usually require a majority to be reached in order for a lynch (execution) to occur and effectively end the round. A set time limit may also be applied to this condition. At night, the evil factions have more information, and less to deliberate. Because of that, night is considerably shorter than day.

When playing online, more time is needed to reach decisions. Players aren't usually available in unison, so forum-based phases tend to last longer than live phases. Online "turbos" replicate live games in requiring all players' continuous participation; the day phase is typically 20 or 25 minutes long and the night phase is usually 5 minutes long. In long online games, days usually run from 9am to 9pm and nights from 9pm to 9am.

Win Condition
The game ends either when the last Werewolf member is killed (Innocent victory) or the Werewolf members equal or outnumber the Innocents during the day (Werewolf victory). The innocents have no way of voting off werewolf members at this point, but the werewolf can still kill each night. Other variants have different victory conditions.

Number of Werewolves
A game with just one more innocent player than Werewolf players during the day phase will be won by the innocents if they always kill werewolves (otherwise, they lose). A game starting with a night kill must begin with at least two more innocents than werewolves to permit an innocent victory.
The optimal number of each type of character depends on players' preferences for game length and Werewolf win percentage. A good rule of thumb is about one werewolf for every two non-werewolf members. So one werewolf member for under five players, two werewolf for five to seven players, three werewolf for eight to ten players, and so on. For greater than sixteen players, games usually last too long and the dead become restless. It can add excitement to conceal how many werewolf are playing (narration: "either two or three mafiosi are amongst you").
Generally, fewer players result in fewer turns and thus less time to determine the identity of the werewolf. The inclusion of "variant" characters typically decreases the Werewolf's chance of victory. For example, the addition of a Sheriff or Doctor will decrease the expected Werewolf win percentage.

Allowing the Townspeople to abstain from killing on certain turns can decrease or increase the Werewolf win percentage as can variants which make it more difficult for the Werewolf to achieve a kill (e.g., requiring them to agree on a victim independently). The "no kill" variant compensates to some extent for the disadvantage given to odd numbers of Townspeople. Otherwise, 2n+1 Innocents are less likely to win than 2n Innocents (for n>2) because they have decreased their odds of voting for a Werewolf each turn without increasing their number of turns (resulting in ties rather than Werewolf majorities).

Okay so here's the rundown.

I'll be the "God" Figure.
I'll randomly select werewolves from the players that sign up.
The rest shall be innocent.

The werewolves will notice there will be a new subforum for them to post in.
Here they will be able to decide whom they wish to brtually slaughter that evening.

Once all the votes have been recorded, the "God" figure will inform everyone in the regular forum who was murdered.

Now here's were the fun comes in.
Everyone (including the werewolves) talks about the previous evening's murder, and debates on who they think committed the murder.
Now everyone must decide who committed the dead, and basically kill them.

The unfortunate bastard put on death's row will be allowed a short speech of why they shouldn't be killed, or their last words.
If that person is successful in winning over the crowd... then they could be spared for the night, and even another person could be voted to die if the innocents wish it.

Now once a person dies, they will lose the ability to post in the game (making it seem like htey are dead).
Although their "Spirit" will still be able to view what's going on Razz

The game ends when there are no werewolves left, or no innocents left.

I think we'll start off with each day lasting 48 hours.
It doesn't really matter if there's day or night, cause we're on a forum Very Happy

The victim's death will be annouced in the morning [9pm, Day#1]
and the slaying of the werewolves will begin in the evening [9pm, Day#2]

Our version of this game will always start off with a daytime killing, giving everyone a chance to post before someone is killed.
Otherwise some poor bastard would be killed before he even got to post Razz

And then it starts all over again. I chose 9pm cause most people are @ school/work during the day, and alot of people are on at night. Usually around 9pm.

Death's will be announced in a locked forum called the "Daily Mortuary". This will be like the town's newspaper. It will describe the death of everyone that is killed by the werewolves. It will also note who was suspected to be a werewolf, and killed by the innocents.

There will also be "The Grove of Executions" where all the suspected werewolves will be allowed to give thier final words, and may be spared if the villagers feel they deserve it. Remember you only get 1 post. Use it wisely. Werewolves (acting as villagers), and innocents both post here.

The main area of play will be conducted in another seperate forum called "Villages"
They wil be given random names and that's where all the innocents. Werewolves (acting as villagers), and innocents both post here.
This is also where everyone decides who gets killed for suspected werewolfery (lol)

Finally there will be the Werewolf forum "The Slaughter House"
This is available only to the Werewolves, and this is where they decide whom they wish to kill. Whatever is discussed in this forum must not be discussed elsewhere. Doing so will probably spoil the game for everyone.

I think that's about it. Questions will be answered here, but let's keep them somewhat intelligent, hmm?

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